About Us & Our Perv-EO

Hello & welcome to what your just found out will be your newest obsession. This boutique was created for the people that want quality sex toys at an affordable price. Here at the Perv shop you getting the bang for your bucks and you being happy you gave us the bucks for your bang is important. We love to keep you cumming and keep you coming back to shop.


Our owner 28 year old Breia has over 13 years of perv experience under her belt. She started giving sex advice & tips to her friends as a teenager and kept it going into adulthood and often does so online via facebook. Sexual proficiency & confidence is something she prides herself on and pushes for the PervBaes (which would be you ) & leads the Good Coochie Cartel hence the line "Buen Jefe Del Cartel De Coochie" you may have read in her bio (@Breia).  



 This boutique was an idea in her head and became a reality in 2015 & here we are now with an army of Perv Baes , an apparel line , a blog. Starting from a lifestyle that turned into a BRAND.


We thank you for shopping and before you think about abandoning that cart just know life is better & so are your orgasms as a PERV BAE.